Dr. Giray Kartopu, MInstP.

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Dr. Giray Kartopu is a Senior Research Associate of the Swansea University with current research interests: Fabrication and optimization of inorganic thin film photovoltaic solar cells produced by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD); Scaling up of CdTe solar cells towards modular devices; Template synthesis of functional, one-dimensional nanoparticles of semiconductors and metals. He published over 50 peer-reviewed papers (h-index 16), 2 book chapters, and 1 patent in related fields.

He joined the Centre for Solar Energy Research in 2010, having held several other postdoctoral research associate positions in the UK and Germany (The University of Nottingham, 2008-2010, and University of Applied Sciences Kiel, 2004-2008). He obtained his PhD from the De Montfort University, Leicester in 2003 for studying the optical and quantum confinement effects in semiconductor nanoparticles embedded thin films. He graduated from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, with a BSc degree in Physics by 1999.

He is serving as a peer-reviewer for various scientific journals, as an editor for the ISRN Nanomaterials, and as a guest editor for the MDPI Materials for a special issue on CdTe thin film solar cells. For paper submissions, the link to the Special Issue can be found at: