Dr. Qiang Fan

SizetSolar Research Officer


Qiang joined us at CSER in June 2019 to carry out work on the SizetSolar Project. More information on this project can be found in the ‘Research Tab’.

Qiang Fan did his Ph.D in materials Science & Engineering at the University of Sheffield where he studied the development of thin film solar cells (main work: advanced materials and thin film deposition, materials characterization, device fabrication, cell processing, device characterization and solar cell testing with Professor Donal Bradley). He has worked on III-V semiconductors and devices at University of Sheffield. His postdoctoral looked at improving performance of the photovoltaics. He has worked with the research group at University of Oxford and the research group of the University of Sheffield whilst doing a postdoctoral at the University of Hull where they made a significant improvement of the thermophotovoltaic cells, and then Qiang studied the GaAs multi-quantum wells photovoltaics and the concentrated cells at the University of Sheffield and Imperial College with Prof. Keith Barnham, before going on to work on dye sensitized solar cells with Prof. Peter Holliman at Bangor University. He has worked on the c-Si solar module, lamination, module testing and quality assessment, PV equipment technical review and PV array sizing at JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd at China as a scientist, and developing Si-crystalline solar cells and solar panels between 7/2008 to 6/2014, and then worked on developing the perovskite cells, and testing the III-V group multi-junction space cells and solar panels at the BeiJing Eng-Sina Sunray Optoelectronic Tech. Co. Ltd. as a part-time research fellow for the past eight years. Qiang has worked in materials and optoelectronic devices for companies and universities in the UK, China and Japan for over twenty years.