CSER can provide consultancy and access to a wealth of facilities to assist businesses working in the materials and solar photovoltaic (PV) supply chain. The CSER has many funded projects that can assist industry with commercial challenges. The KTC provides access to PV expertise, state-of-the-art  PV preparation facilities, and analytical characterisation equipment capabilities, which can be used to solve technical problems and to make novel breakthroughs in product supply chain e.g. fine chemicals, coatings, electronic components and devices.

Thin film deposition and wafer processing

  • Deposition and coating of CdTe, Si and III-V structures, Transparent Conducting Oxides and metals.
  • Access to wide range of coating technologies (5 Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition reactors, 2 metal evaporators and an industrial inkjet printer).
  • Product development and device scale-up.

 Materials characterisation

  • Characterisation of a wide range of materials primarily associated with semiconductors and coatings.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope with  elemental composition determination(EDX), optical microscopy, film thickness measurement and UV/visible/near IR spectroscopy.

Device characterisation

  • Electrical characterisation of PV devices.
  • Solar simulator, four-point resistivity probe, Hall Effect measurement,  spectral response, Laser Beam Induced Current imaging.

 Additional capabilities

  • Process improvement and  trouble shooting
  • Device efficiency improvement
  • Calibration of reference cells
  • Hybrid device construction
  • Monitoring of processes and performance improvement

A brochure showing our full list of capabilities, facilities and case studies of our commercial work are available here: CSER Capabilities brochure

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