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Prof. Stuart Irvine

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Professor of Solar Energy Materials in the College of Engineering at Swansea University. Current research interests include thin film photovoltaic (PV), transparent conducting oxides (TCOs), MOCVD of oxide and chalcogenide semiconductors, in-line deposition of thin film coatings for thin film PV, characterisation of PV devices and PV modules. Interest in the fundamental mechanisms of MOCVD include reaction kinetics, precursor chemistry and nucleation mechanisms. The PV research entails innovative methods for improving PV cell and module efficiency such as light management and extending the spectral range of PV devices. Fundamental aspects of materials properties that influence efficient carrier collection and differences in performance of polycrystalline materials compared with their single crystal counterparts are at the core of this research. Other important aspects of his research into PV performance include long term degradation mechanisms and carbon footprint of PV module manufacture. Professor Irvine is interested in PV applications such as Building Integrated PV (BIPV) systems, stand alone PV devices for harsh environments such as marine, high altitude and space applications.

Dr. Dan Lamb, CChem, MRSC.

dan_lambSPARC II Project Manager

Dan is the SPARC II project manager. In this role, Dan coordinates project management across the whole SPARC II consortium and provides technical leadership and engages in research activities on some aspects of the research programme. One of Dan’s current areas of research interest is high-power, low-weight, flexible thin film photovoltaics for space application.  He has conducted research in collaboration with the University of Surrey, Qioptiq Space Technology and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd leading to the first reported direct deposition of a thin film solar cell onto 100-micron thick space qualified cover glass. Most recently, Dan has collaborated with the Surrey Space Centre and the UK and Algerian Space Agencies to build a flight demonstrator of the CSER solar cell which is now orbiting the earth as part of the AlSat Nano mission. The solar cell on-board AlSat Nano feeds back live data on the cells performance and give this innovative technology all important space heritage.

Dr Ochai Oklobia, MIET, MInstP.

Research Officer

Ochai completed his PhD in Electrical/Electronic Engineering in the area of Organic semiconductor Photovoltaic technology. He worked as a research assistant at Staffordshire University; on newly developed solution-processed low band gap polymeric semiconductors for PV applications, and developing novel fabrication techniques for enhancing device performance. Current research interests include structural, and optoelectronic characterisation, optimisation of thin film solar cells, by metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD). He is also involved in process development for thin film PV scale up methods.

Dr Rosemary Davis

SPARC II Research Assistant

Rosemary completed her PhD in Physics in the field of organic photovoltaics. She was working on nano-structuring of thin films and developing metal-organic composite layers for organic solar cells during her PhD work. Research interests include flexible photovoltaics, Thin-film solar cells for space applications and characterization of solar cells.

Dr Saqib Rafique

SPARC II Research Officer – Thin Film Deposition

Saqib completed his Ph.D. in Physics from University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and M.Sc. in Microtechnology and Nanosciences from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. He possesses over 10 years of experience in Materials Science/Engineering and Nanotechnology. His core research is focused on device engineering, fabrication, characterization and fundamental physics of energy storage and harvesting devices including organic and perovskite solar cells, thermoelectrics and supercapacitors. Besides, he possesses advanced instrumentation experience on a range of micro/nano fabrication and characterization equipment. He is currently working on MOCVD grown TCOs, Cd/Te Solar cells and their stability/degradation analysis.


Michelle Davies

SPARC II Finance Officer

Michelle joined SPARC II as the Finance Officer in 2019. Michelle started her financial career at Swansea University back in the 90’s, she then worked at various companies including Sony UK Ltd where she worked as a financial accountant and the Wales Audit Office as a financial auditor auditing public spending money.

In 2019, Michelle returned to Swansea University and joined the SPARC II team. Her role includes collating, evaluating and reporting data to the SPARC II project sponsors, project manager and project instigators, preparing and maintaining financial records for audit activities and preparing and uploading quarterly financial claims to WEFO.

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