Dr. Dan Lamb, CChem, MRSC.

dan_lambSenior Research Officer


Dan is currently researching high-power, low-weight, flexible thin film photovoltaics for space application.  The research is conducted in collaboration with Surrey University, Qioptiq Space Technology and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.  The project has led to the first reported direct deposition of a thin film solar cell onto 100 micron thick space qualified cover glass. Initial targets have been exceeded with published solar cell conversion efficiency of 15 % and demonstration of durability with excellent adhesion of the solar cells subjected to extreme thermal shock testing. Most recently, Dan has collaborated with the Surrey Space Centre to build a flight demonstrator of the CSER solar cell which is now orbiting the earth on the UK Space Agency’s AlSat Nano satellite. The solar cell on-board AlSat Nano will feed-back live data on the cells performance and give this new technology the all important space heritage.