Prof. Stuart Irvine

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Research Professor in Solar Energy and Opto-electronics at Swansea University.Current research interests include thin film photovoltaic (PV) research, transparent conducting oxides (TCOs), MOCVD of II-VI semiconductors, in-line deposition of thin film coatings for thin film PV, PV module fabrication, inkjet printing of metal contacts, characterisation of PV devices and PV modules. Interest in the fundamental mechanisms of MOCVD include reaction kinetics, precursor chemistry and nucleation mechanisms. The PV research entails innovative methods for improving PV module efficiency such as light management and extending the spectral range of PV devices. Monitoring of PV systems is aimed at exploring methods for extracting more energy under different climatic conditions. Other aspects of research into PV performance include long term degradation mechanisms and carbon footprint of PV module manufacture. Professor Irvine has a particularly interest in novel PV materials and devices for Building Integrated PV (BIPV) systems and PV for space applications.