Prof. Stuart Irvine

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Professor of Solar Energy Materials in the College of Engineering at Swansea University. Current research interests include thin film photovoltaic (PV), transparent conducting oxides (TCOs), MOCVD of oxide and chalcogenide semiconductors, in-line deposition of thin film coatings for thin film PV, characterisation of PV devices and PV modules. Interest in the fundamental mechanisms of MOCVD include reaction kinetics, precursor chemistry and nucleation mechanisms. The PV research entails innovative methods for improving PV cell and module efficiency such as light management and extending the spectral range of PV devices. Fundamental aspects of materials properties that influence efficient carrier collection and differences in performance of polycrystalline materials compared with their single crystal counterparts are at the core of this research. Other important aspects of his research into PV performance include long term degradation mechanisms and carbon footprint of PV module manufacture. Professor Irvine is interested in PV applications such as Building Integrated PV (BIPV) systems, stand alone PV devices for harsh environments such as marine, high altitude and space applications.