CSER Secures Place on UK Space Agency’s Next CubeSat mission

The Centre for Solar Energy Research (CSER) has been selected to take part in the UK Space Agency’s next CubeSat mission.  The AlSat Nano is a joint space mission between the UK Space Agency and Algerian Space Agency (ASAL).  CSER’s successful selection, following a presentation to the UK Space Agency in Swindon by Dr Dan Lamb (project leader), offers a fantastic opportunity to “flight test” their innovative Thin Film Solar Cell.  The programme is committed to a tight time schedule with delivery of CSER’s payload to the CubeSat manufactures by September 2015 and launch to take place spring 2016.  Once the Thin Film Solar Cell is in orbit its performance will be systematically measured and the data beamed down to mission control at the Surrey Space Centre.  The CubeSat is expected to generate data for at least one year which will be invaluable for producing high quality publications, securing further funding for the research and promoting Glyndŵr University’s contribution to space science.